The Levee TLV

Zen Moment in the hart of the city – Discover the latest luxury way to stay in Tel Aviv

The Drisco Hotel – When history met luxury

So much history and so much beauty in this newly renovated colonial hotel.

Step inside the Fiori jungle – A day with a master florist

Spending a magical day with a flower expert, a glimpse to Fiori’s life

Moody Time with Welder Watch

Your mood, your time your way!

Carlton Tel Aviv

How to holiday according to Carlton

Nok Beauty

All your beauty needs under one tropical roof! New in town – Nok Beauty

Harmony, beauty and fresh looking skin

My own beautician reveals the secrets behind the brands she swears by! A beauty session with Guinot and Exuviance.

Nordoy Hotel

What’s pink on the outside and chic on the inside? The newly renovated Nordoy hotel that is!


Live like a local, go to the shuk, take a walk on Rothschild and stay at Shenkin hotel