What I am wearing: Prada dress and bag, Miu Miu Shoes all at Helga Design.
Jewelry by: Galisfly.
Photos: Liya Geldman
Where I am? SHENKIN Hotel

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So I packed my new Prada feather dress straight from the runway along with matching Miu Miu platforms and headed to SHENKIN hotel, one of the many sweet little boutique hotels that opened in Tel Aviv lately. The SHENKIN hotel located in a very residential area, which means you can get a pretty authentic feel of how it’s like to live in Tel Aviv. You can walk to shuk ha Carmel in just a few minutes to get your fresh fruits, crispy bagels and middle eastern souvenirs, and you can also walk to the many bars and restaurants on Rothschild. You get the point the location is perfect!

The design of the SHENKIN hotel is modern, cosy and has a twist of sense of humor with some fun slogans and details that will make you giggle. (just the way I like it). In other wards this hotel has all the elements you want to have when in a city vacation.

Brenner St 21, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Let’s talk about the bed and the bath!! As you can see from the pictures there isn’t a lot to say, the bed will make you melt into it and the bath, well let’s just say getting ready to go out will take much longer than expected with a tub like this! Take time to enjoy these two perks, Tel Aviv can wait…

If it’s hot outside you should climb to the rooftop and get a tan, everything is there for you to soak some sun in comfort. If you just want to relax and get some fresh air you can enjoy the outdoors patio in which you can find tea, coffee and cookies 24/7.

Overall a very pleasant stay for a good rate in a perfect location, SHENKIN hotel you get the Moody Roza stamp of approval!!

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