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L Raphael Spa – Montage Hotel LA

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Caesars Palace – Las Vegas

You know what they say: “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”. Find out why.

moody-roza Top 10 cursing around LA songs

Top 10 cursing around LA songs

In LA there is one thing must do and that’s cruising around in a nice car listening to music in full blast. Check out my cruising playlist

moody roza tim blanks (2)

A chat with Tim Blanks

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The Avalon Hotel – Beverly Hills

moody roza A technologically Advanced Advise (10)

A technologically Advanced Advise

moody-roza-mini-part2 (5)

Mini Adventure Israel Part 2

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moody-roza-talis-well-being (31)

Tali’s – Well Being

Say hello to the most beautiful lifestyle store in Tel Aviv

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