A rendezvous with a Bonbon

Me and the pink bowed fragrance bonded on a romantic day in sunny Paris and boy it was Tres sweet!

The secrets of youthful skin by Eisenberg Paris

Discovering the secrets of long lasting beauty with the Parisian expert – Eisenberg Paris

Bloggers Chat Room with Isracard

Some tips from the experts: How to shop online and what to buy this season – panel discussion with my fellow fashion bloggers

Tbilisi Fashion Week

Third time, still as captivating as the first.

Lisbon Fashion Week

Portuguese charm takes a new twist during Lisbon Fashion Week


Live like a local, go to the shuk, take a walk on Rothschild and stay at Shenkin hotel

Nea Hotel

When Mini met Nea, a tale about a car and a new hotel

Staycation – A new chic & tropical place to spend the night in

The Elma Adventure

Your next destination: A peaceful art shrine on top of a hill.

The Max & the Sir Adventure

Beating the cold in Berlin in two cosy hotels

The W Amsterdam adventure

How to have the perfect weekend getaway in Amsterdam without even leaving your hotel


The exclusive fragrances by CHANEL are now in Tel Aviv

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