“Italians do it better”

Where am I:
The Blue Rooster Restaurant hosted by James Richardson Duty Free
What am I wearing: @parlezdevous dress and @hillatoledano bag
Photos by: Liya Geldman

Paolo Terenzi the eccentric guest from Italy says that perfume is a journey, a memory trapped inside a falcon, he believes a scent is far beyond just a smell, it’s an emotional and sentimental connection. This philosophy is what brought him to Israel to meet a small group of local opinion leaders who will help him determine what scent should be chosen to represent and to be named “Tel Aviv” The 3rd generation Italian perfumers, siblings Tiziana and Paolo Terenzi decided to honor our vibrant city and dedicate their latest perfume to our buzzing town, the chosen fragrance will be produced in their traditional Italian factory in bologna and will be sold exclusively at the James Richardson Duty Free at Ben Gurion Airport.

For this occasion we gathered for a private dining experience at The Blue Rooster restaurant, we (the panel of perfume enthusiasts) had 3 scents to choose from, the first: a seductive glamorous deep dark fragrance, the second: a powdery dusty smell and third: the fragrance that has been chosen by majority of votes was a light, fresh and citrus based scent that reminded me of the iconic orange orchards of this land.

“You don’t choose the perfume, the perfume chooses you”
Paolo Terenzi

Tiziana Terenzi is a family owned Italian perfume house that is renowned in the fragrance world for creating niche scents with character and a distinct point of view. Born of a rebellious approach to perfumery that focuses on instincts over tradition, Tiziana Terenzi fragrances are known for their approach to unusual notes and bold combinations. Precious, unique and never expected, this collection of Italian fragrances is a favourite among perfume connoisseurs who appreciate an edgier, less-traditional scent that evokes far-flung places and distant memories. With their artistic designs and hand drawings Terenzi is one of the most flamboyant perfumes in the market. Pop in to James Richardson Duty free to discover this sensational selection.

“Perfection Is Boring”
Paolo Terenzi

I am very much looking forward to see and smell Tel Aviv as a fragrance!

For more information about the brand visit their website and the James Richardson Website and social media platforms

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