Mercedes Benz Tbilisi Fashion Week S/S 2019

Discover what makes Tbilisi is the ultimate capital of Alternative non main stream fashion

Discover the latest Oriental perfume by Eisenberg Paris

Going on vivid journey through exotic scents and extraordinary aromas with the new Voile De Chypre at Duty Free – James Richardson

Vancouver Fashion Week report

Went all the way to Canada to discover the local fashion industry, meet the up coming promising designers and flaunt some chic outfits

Sleep Tight with Night repair

Night Repair capsules and serum, all you gotta do to make it work is sleep! I’ll take two!

Can you smell the chic?

The scent of coolness with Zadig & Voltaire in Gordonia Hotel

Tbilisi Fashion Week A/W 2018

Chloé Nomade

Nomade – James Richardon Duty Free

Sample – Get the look

Confessions from the big Apple