Mercedes Benz Tbilisi Fashion Week S/S 2019

Where am I: Tbilisi for Mercedes Benz Tbilisi Fashion Week S/S 2019
Photos by: Rose Moses 

Even though it was my sixth time visiting Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, this was the first time I was invited to the city’s main Fashion Week under the auspices of Mercedes Benz. This fashion week hosted about 100 very fashionable guests from around the world, from the main fashion magazines like Vogue, ELLE and W to well-known Street Style photographers, bloggers, stylists and fashion editors, all astonished to discover how the local fashion industry is advanced in creativity, marketing and design. Some of the designs shown on the runways wouldn’t even shame established designers in Paris and Milan. The designs were mostly minimalistic but with a lot of precision, the Georgians know how to combine their traditional crafts like knitting and embroidery to a high standard with modern designs and outstanding tailoring. One of the most prominent trends on the tracks was tailored suits in bold colors and unexpected color block combinations.

I found myself wearing quite a few of the designers’ new collections, with an oversized hand embroidered denim jacket with a knitted bag, a small leather jacket with a fabulous bow tie on the side. A sporty look with a special heavy embroidered knit and a nylon skirt, a classic trench coat with A twist of pleats at the back with a fancy dress with dramatic sleeves, all of course Made in Georgia. Apart from the spectacular fashion Tbilisi is also known for it’s incredible food, much of the local hospitality involves around endless meals just like in Israel I guess.

You can conclude that this fashion week will be one of the most intriguing I have experienced, and the curiosity to see more work from the local designers will bring me back there next season too!

What I wore:

Designers I wore:
Jeans jacket and black A symetrical skirt
Black knitted bag
Small black jacket
Nylon sweater and skirt
Black dress and white dress
Trench Coat

Georgian Designers you should know:

Irma Sharikadze
George Kaburia
Materiel Tbilisi
Lalo Cardigans
More Is Love
Lado Bokuchava
Mach and Mach
Ani Datukashvili

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