Kiev with HOTCROWN

Two things in life last forever, memories and diamonds

California Dreaming with Revolve

When I am away from Los Angeles I crave to go back, it looks I am not the only one who has a deep emotional connection with this sunny West Coast state.

Visiting the historical home of the Vuitton Family

The history behind monogramed trunks that made history, discovering the story of Louis Vuitton’s journey.

The Maskit adventure

A private, grown up and sophisticated holiday is only two hours away, visiting Maskit Villa in Liman and have no intention of leaving.

The Chanel adventure

Coco Chanel’s spirit lives on, an exclusive peek to her apartment on Rue Cambon Paris

A rendezvous with a Bonbon

Me and the pink bowed fragrance bonded on a romantic day in sunny Paris and boy it was Tres sweet!

The secrets of youthful skin by Eisenberg Paris

Discovering the secrets of long lasting beauty with the Parisian expert – Eisenberg Paris

Bloggers Chat Room with Isracard

Some tips from the experts: How to shop online and what to buy this season – panel discussion with my fellow fashion bloggers

Tbilisi Fashion Week

Third time, still as captivating as the first.