Kiev with HOTCROWN

Where I am: Hotel Fairmont Kiev, Ukraine
What I am wearing: Black chiffon dress, white chiffon dress: Elena Reva. Stripe Suit and earrings by Sayya, grey blazer by H&M, blue printed dress by: Lake Studio
All Jewelry by HOTCROWN


Here is a little fun fact about me you might never knew, I was born in Kiev the capitol of Ukraine, back then it was just another city in the all mighty USSR (United Soviet Union). Kiev was a cultural center of the Soviet Union after Moscow and Saint Petersburg which means growing up there had a big impact on my education and esthetic. After the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 my family decided to escape from Kiev after suffering from antisemitic behavior and so the journey to Israel began, I was 8 years old when that happened.

More than 25 years later I am here in Kiev again, all thanks to Ukrainian Fashion Week who invited me to attend this season’s event. Being back here after all these years was emotional, fascinating and nostalgic. For a trip of this sort you have to bring someone or in my case something to remind you of home with a little sentimental value, what can it be rather than your favorite teddy bear or your precious diamond jewelry. This post is all about nostalgic and sparkly moments in partnership with HOTCROWN.

By walking the streets of Kiev and recognizing places felt like I lived a few life times since growing up here, but it also made me realize that memories and jewelry stay forever.

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