Confessions from the big Apple

Where am I: New York
Photos: The curious eyes – Mark Preston

What is it you can’t live without? Is it your family? Your friends? Your pet? Your home? All of your belongings or maybe it’s your comfort zone. It took me two and a half months to understand that what you may be running away from are the things you going to miss most when you are far. Two and a half months in New York seemed like two and a half years (if not more) the intensity of the city played a huge roll in an emotional impact, an impact that caused many sleepless nights and several panic attacks. The problem I have with New York is the lack of ability to stop and think, everyone around are in such a rush to be successful, to complete tasks, to go forward in life that in the process New Yorkers often forget to even just breathe. In a city of endless opportunities one must stay laser sharp, focused and have a clear plan of how to achieve their goals, loose your focus and boom, someone else will grab the opportunity. This time New York taught me that I’m way more sensitive than I thought I am, and that city life is alright but only for a short visit and being ruthless just isn’t my style, I promised myself that after such intense couple of months I will take time to slow down and breathe again. So here I am heading back home, where the comfort zone, family, friends belongings, pet and air are waiting for me because these are the real
Things I can’t live without.

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