Can you smell the chic?

Where am I: Gordonia Hotel
What I am wearing: Zadig & Voltaire , Hey Be’Yiar 48 Tel Aviv
Photos by: Liya Geldman
Fragrance: Zadig and Voltaire x Virginia Elwood at James Richardson Duty Free

Landed from Vancouver straight to the mountains of Jerusalem, the fresh air I was enjoying so much in Canada seemed to follow me all the way back home. I was filling my lungs with this crisp woody smell for days to come before heading back to humid Tel Aviv, being on a mini vacation right after a 20 hour flight (each way) was definitely well deserved. Gordonia Hotel is located in the Jerusalem hills, the rooms have a private pool, a hut tub, your own massage therapist on call, access to a 24/7 kitchen with divine food and snacks, a combination that isn’t far from perfect. With rose gardens and vine leafs on site this magical hotel just screams serenity and it’s just what I needed.

I would say this is the ideal place for a “him and for her” kinda vacation much like the new Zadig & Voltaire perfume, made specially with romance in mind, but not the cheesy kind, The bottle design is a capsule collection, a collaboration between the French brand and a renowned New York based tattoo artist Virginia Elwood, who designed these special bottles dedicated to her love to classic American tattoos, her individual hand drawings reflect her personal taste and the edgy style of the brand. With their iconic printed T shirts, skull patterns and wing logo the Zadig and Voltaire style is known to every fashion savvy person around the globe.
The scent of both perfumes is cool and hip, I would say a “modern high fashion” smell you get when you walk into any of the Zadig stores in Paris.

Et voila, this is what you get when an American classics meets French chic,  you can find the fragrance at the James Richardson Duty free even if you are not on your way to Paris. What I am taking with me from this trip is the unforgettable views, the much needed privacy, the silence and of course the scents.

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