Moody Time with Welder Watch

Where am I: Hola Brasserie, Ha Yarkon 87 Tel Aviv
What I am wearing: Total looks by Attico at Helga Design
Photos: Liya Geldman 
In collaboration with Welder Watches

You are probably aware of the fact that your mood sets the tone for your outfit choices, having different styles in mind and heart every day is what makes dressing so exciting and sometimes challenging. If your own wardrobe is that dynamic and changing its mood ever so often now imagine your watch doing the same. I teamed up with Welder who created a special color changing watch to match your every mood, the fact they choose to call it Moody couldn’t be more perfect!

Here you are witnessing my two most popular moods, being colorful, playful, trendy and fearless VS classic, elegant mysterious and fierce, in both cases the Moody watch is a perfect fit.


My soul, my mood, my desires all  change from time to time, the world changes, because the way I perceive the world changes. The core of the change is ME! The concept of ‘’time‘’ is  based on how we perceive it. It differs from me to you, from now and then and even depends on my mood.

For me, Moody doesn’t refer to mood swings yet to creating moods according to how I feel in the moment, whether they are happy or sad, there’s only one thing that defines the time: My Mood.

Get your help own moody watch and share your Mood with the world.

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