Sample – Get the look

Where I am: The Dave Hotel, Tel Aviv
What am I wearing: SAMPLE, Hilla Toledano, Complet, Joseph Haver 

Jewelry: Hot Crown and Orrana

Photos by: Mariana Stebeneva

As I am gearing up for Tel Aviv Fashion Week with the title International Co Ordinator, one of my favorite Israeli brands SAMPLE is celebrating 10 years in business so I thought this is the perfect timing to show you their latest collection and get you in fashion week mood!

Sample was established in 2008 by the sisters Einav Zini, 1976 and Nofar Muchluph, 1981, graduated fashion design from Shenkar.
Sample is a unique brand, combines world trends with personal interpretation while keeping the principles of quality and practicality.
The brand wishes to allow women in all ages to dress in a fashionable and sexy way in both casual and evening wear. The brand is proudly produces most of the collection in Israel which makes it very patriotic and loved by many.

I picked up 2 favorite looks from the latest collection and paired them all with accessories from other local designers (credits above).

Starting with a stripy long sleeved sheer dress that is hugging the figure in all the right places (arrrr) moving on to a grey suit containing wide pants (yes they are officially back in style and it’s time to reconsider your skinny pants) the top has a shoulder pads (because everyone wants to get that power dressing feel) and a gold hoop on a gathered detail just to make things a little more sexy (as if it’s even possible!) Last but not least the red checkered pants that I live for, I think they caused a chain car crush when I last wore them paired with a crisp white shirt and a grey leather bag.

In hopes that these looks got you inspired, they are now available at the SAMPLE shop and online , place your orders and support Israeli fashion!

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