California Dreaming with Revolve

California Dreaming with Revolve and Dior Beauty
Photos: Sharon Zobali
Glasses: Smoke X Mirrors NYC

Last year I spent four whole months in California, it became my second home from the moment I landed. The sunny West Coast state always feels so familiar, there is a sense of belonging there which I don’t get to feel anywhere else I travel, and sometimes it feels as if I’ve been there all my life. Every time I touch down LAX I know I made it back home. Apart from the fact that I had many unforgettable adventures and experiences in Los Angels and it’s surroundings (ermmm.. Coachella!!) I also made many close friends who are a great part of my life even when I’m far away. California has lately inspired many fashion houses and brands to design collections and products to fit the easy breezy lifestyle of LA, and it looks like the show biz , music and hip hop industry of Hollywood defining fashion trends all the way in Paris and Milan. My longing to get on a plane back to Cali came after attending the launch of the latest California inspired line by Dior Cosmetics at the Duty Free James Richardson a couple of weeks ago and also a surprising package that came through the door from Revolve the biggest most Californian online store there is, who are now by the way shipping to Israel!! (wooo hoo!) Click here to see more from Revolve.

There’s no denying that LA is buzzing at the moment and this post is dedicated to my California dreaming.

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