Nordoy Hotel

Where am I? Nordoy Hotel 27 Nahalat Binyamin St. Tel Aviv, Israel +97272 2727279
What am I wearing: Phillip Lim jacket, RTA jeans, YSL bag and shoes all at Helga Design
Photos by: Mariana Stebenava
Fragrance: Prada Rose at Duty Free James Richardson


Tel Aviv is growing rapidly, everywhere you go there is an historical building being restored or a skyscraper being built. By walking around the city this summer it feels like the amount of tourist have tripled so no wonder that new hotels are popping up like mushrooms after rain. Hotel Nordoy is one of the newest and most noticeable boutique hotels around. I finally had the pleasure of spending a night at this beautiful baby pink Tel Avivian hut and it was great! Here is why:

The location is very central and it will give you the feeling of the buzz at any time of the day, because as you know Tel Aviv is a city that doesn’t sleep! Speaking of sleep, the bed and the pillows at the Nordoy are heavenly and you will feel like you are sleeping on a cloud. The bathroom is made of the finest marble and who doesn’t love fine smooth surfaces in their room?! There is a little terrace for mingling right next to the reception which can be a great place to make new local friends. And the diamond on the crown at Nordoy is the roof top spa from which you will have a great  urban view of our beloved shabby city and last but not least you can enjoy a relaxing massage at the dome spa which is a very special experience.

Hotel Nordoy was built in 1925, in heart of the historical Tel Aviv neighborhood of Nachlat Binyamin, when Tel Aviv was still known as Ahuzat Bayit. Originally constructed as a hotel, and continuously operating from then until today, it is the oldest active hotel in Tel Aviv. The building was planned by Yehuda Megidovich,one of the most notable architects of the city’s early days. The structure’s monumental presence, complexity and famous dome, have granted Hotel Nordoy its iconic status as a local landmark. Throughout the decades of its existence, Hotel Nordoy has become ingrained in the collective memory of Tel Aviv, appearing on classic postcards and featured in famous photographs and art exhibits. The building was designed in the eclectic architectural style, joining a central European structure style with eastern motives and ornamental elements.  Maintaining its original design and function, Hotel Nordoy has become a local icon and a symbol for the early days of Tel Aviv hospitality.

So to conclude, this is one of the best options you have in town for a city vacation and it gets Moody Roza’s two thumbs up!

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