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Where am I: The Norman Hotel, Tel Aviv
Photos by: Mariana Stebenava
What am I wearing: Givenchy top, RTA jeans, Schumacher sweater and Sergio Rossi shoes all at Helga Design sunglasses by Lucy Folk
In collaboration with Guinot & Harmon Ha Yofi – 03-9695854. 4 Shderot Begin Street, Rishon Lezion

As the years go by it becomes more and more apparent that taking care of your skin and using high quality products and seeing a beautician on a regular basis is not luxury but a necessity. When you start combining these two elements the result is immediately visible. Thanks to founder and skin care expert Sally Mizrahi the founder of Harmon Ha Yofi salon I started a series of treatments with Guinot a French cosmetics brand that combines a use of technology in to every treatment. The unique machine developed as a patent by the company, using an electronic pulse that helps inserting every cream deep into the skin to maximize the results. After every treat with the Guinot products my skin is left smooth and glowing for days, this treatment also goes a long way not only on facial skin but also as a cellulite control and skin tightening around the body.

Exuviance skin care products correct the visible signs of aging, while providing the experience of a salon treatment at home.
The powerful ingredients have been clinically proven to promote a healthy skin barrier, improve skin texture and tone, add firmness and suppleness to skin refine pore size, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, help reduce age spots and hyperpigmentation, moisturize dry skin, enhance skin’s ability to retain moisture unblock and cleanse pores and help manage oily and acne prone skin. The Exuviance line contains the best clinically proven, state-of-the-art technologies available today, all widely accepted by dermatologists the world over and supported by independent peer-reviewed scientific articles in every major journal of medical and cosmetic dermatology.

Harmon Ha Yofi is an advanced medical cosmetics clinic that has been specializing in facial and body cosmetic treatments for more than 20 years. Combined with innovative and advanced equipment and active and unique materials. Sally believes that the secret to nurturing and maintaining a young look is in a regular routine in the clinic and at home, and offers her clients innovative treatments, with the aim of providing efficient solutions. It is important that each customer enjoy impressive results along with a pampering treatment experience.

When it comes to producing their product Guinot are well known for their ethical approach, the products are not tested on animal, to improve skin compatibility, formulas are preserved without parabens and the active ingredients used are from non-GMO plants. The active treatment ingredients incorporated in the formulas are chosen in order to respect the environment;notably by sourcing them from renewable plants. Guinot is conscious of the environment’s fragility and is concerned about protecting it.

My favorite products include:
Night repair serum by Guinot
Exuvience peach facial scrub
Guinot body scrub followed by body cream

All available at Harmon Ha Yofi

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