Nok Beauty


Where I am: Nok Beauty, King George 69 Tel Aviv
What I’m wearing: Drome skirt, Schumacher top Miu Miu bag, YSL shoes all at Helga Design
Photos: Liya Geldman

Every woman in the world is sharing the same problem when getting ready for an event, preparing yourself to look your best is a pricy and time consuming effort. You gotta go to the hair dresser, run around town to then get your nails done wait till they dry and march to do your make up, or if you are lucky enough, get a make up artist do it for you (if budget allows). In other words in order to reach the perfect grooming result you must sweat, stress and pay way too much, well I have news for you: NOT ANYMORE MORE !! What if I told you that now there is one super chic for all your beauty needs and it is affordable, don’t believe me? See for yourselves! Nok beauty on King George 69 at the Dizingoff Center is offering a package of mani, padi, Make Up and hair blow dry/styling all for 200 NIS (yes, only 200 NIS!). This means you will be going to your next event looking incredible without being broke in the process! As well as being able to stop and enjoy the cool set up of Nok beauty you can also shop for some signature in house beauty products to take home with you.

Nok beauty is the ultimate solution to our on going beauty struggles and it’s all thanks to its founder Sharon Kono who you will thank for such a great idea!

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