Budapest Fashion Week

Where I am: Budapest, Central European Fashion Week
Photos by: Mariana Stebeneva
What I’m wearing: Dinner: Denim and sweater by Adika, White jacket by costs pink purse by Toledano. Pajama suit by Anya Fleet. White look jackets by H&M bag by Cos glasses by Carolina Lemke. Black sweatshirt by Mews glasses by Carolina Lemke earrings by Lanuk Jewelry. Red sweater by H&M printed skirt and scarf by Tomscanyi Budapest.

Another month another fashion week, this time I am visiting the beautiful town of Budapest. It is my first visit to the Hungarian capital and I’m here to discover the local fashion industry, hot new brands and established designers. Besides the fact that Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe it’s fashion industry has been on my radar lately thanks to brands such as Nanushka and Nini Molnar who caught my attention on social media.

Budapest Central European Fashion Week was A two day event combining runway shows and off site presentations. The first evening the guests were invited to a majestic dinner in one of the city’s most historic buildings and as you can see from the pictures this was an impressive and a very welcoming start.

As in every city and country I go to I am trying to find an historical reference in the designs on the runway, what’s important for me is to see how national history, culture, education, architecture and aesthetics are affecting young designers when they create their collections, I am always hoping to see a unique point of view that is inspired by where they live.

Now let’s talk about the highlights and things that caught my attention the most.

Marco Rambaldi

Italian designer Marko Rambaldi presented his winter collection as part of the Italian Hungarian Designer Exchange Program. The collection was inspired by Marco’s background as a graphic designer with a pinch of vintage 60’s and 70’s feel. It was full of wonderful and colorful sweaters and cardigans that every girl would love to have in her winter wardrobe. The different mix of primary colors and vibrant patterns such as hearts, alphabet letters and floral motives made this collection fun, young and very much a Instagram friendly. Marco’s knitwear Collection is the perfect color injection in a dull winter wardrobe.


This runway show was a real fashion moment, it had everything it takes to make the crowd go wild, the loud techno music, the dark make up, the slicked back hair and the dramatic outfits. With a mix of oversized logo streetwear, big metallic coats and 80s party tulle dresses this collection was one of the best moments of BCEFW.


This brand’s collection was a fantastic example of how to create a winter wardrobe that is chic, functional, layered and still feminine. For someone who is struggling with layers and hates the cold this was a big lesson. Winter cloths worn in an elegant way and looks that are put together made even the most heavy down coat look light and airy. The monochromatic pallet of the collection mixed with crisp white shirts was the ultimate winter look I will be wearing next season.


Nanushka is one of the most famous Hungarian brands, they’re clothes is exactly what women want to wear these days, comfortable, loose fit, made of high-quality materials, feminine yet with a tomboyish twist. Nanushka really made it clear that they are ready to take the brand beyond their native Budapest and they are on the way of becoming a coveted brand around the world, stocked in the best boutiques and worn by the coolest “it girls”.  Their flagship store on Fashion Street is a must visit destination for any fashion savvy visitor.

Nini Molnar

Nini was definitely one of the women who stood out for me the most during this Fashion Week, not only because of her beauty and grace but because of her clear strategy and esthetics for her brand. Her leather bags are the must have piece here in Budapest. Her bags are designed in a simple and practical form, add a fun star embellishment in multiple colors high quality Italian leather and you got yourself a winning accessory. This season Nini also presented a new line of swimwear, with some modest and sporty options this could really be a hit amongst women who are looking for a more polished and appropriate choice for the beach.


To conclude Budapest Central European Fashion Week in a few words I would say that the  determination to put the Hungarian Fashion on the world map is definitely paying off, The designers are talented, the collections are coherent and the garments are well made, the locals are eager to learn how to expand worldwide, and they definitely have what it takes.

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