The Levee TLV

Where I am: The Levee, Yehuda Ha Levy 16 Tel Aviv
What I am wearing: All outfits by Helga Design
Photos: Liya Geldman
Huge thanks to: Xhibition PR

Is it me or anyone else feels that Tel Aviv became a lot more hectic lately. I don’t know if it’s the growing population, the many bikes without a proper bike lane, the endless road works or just the general Israeli road rage but it feels like this town is not as calm as I remember it to be a few years ago. In these circumstances now more than ever I’m looking for a place where I can escape the hassle of the city so when I entered The Levee I knew that this is exactly the perfect place to find my zen. The Levee is a luxury apartment hotel building with eight exquisite rooms with the highest design standard all rooms are available for short term rental for those who appreciate the finer things in life. This photogenic Bauhaus building is located in the historic Neve Tzedek district, the city’s first neighborhood, and a walking distance to Rothschild Boulevard, Carmel Market and the Mediterranean promenade and beaches.

The design of each room is different but in all cases outstanding and luxurious. The warm, interior design the spacious rooms and the natural light create a homely atmosphere similar to that of a breezy, summer villa, weighted with contemporary and .sophisticated furnishing and sophisticated modern art on the walls.

The lavish materials used throughout this incredible building, such as ,marble and velvet mixed with a meticulously restored exposed raw walls gives the design a tremendous contrast and a modern twist, and lets not ignore that each apartment is equipped with stay of the art appliances.

I think at this point you realize that The Levee will be a unique way to spend your days in Tel Aviv, with style, elegance and comfort just the way we like it!

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