Discover the latest Oriental perfume by Eisenberg Paris

Where am I: ReZort Store at The Jaffa Hotel  Louie Paster 4, Jaffa, Israel
Photos by: Mariana Stebenava

Where else would be better to discover a perfume that is dedicated to a vivid journey and exploration of a new far away land than the James Richardson Duty Free perfume counter on your way to your own long awaited adventure. This is exactly what I did when I stopped to explore the The Latin Orientals perfume series by Eisenberg Paris, The Voile De Chypre stood out for me particularly, let me tell you why.

José Eisenberg has always been fascinated by perfumes, by what they awaken deep down inside you. From a very early age, he only allowed people wearing perfume to cuddle him! The smell of orange blossom takes him back to his childhood when his mother’s baking filled his kitchen with the scent. This note now and always will remind him of happy times, when he felt like the most loved little boy in the world. He finds inspiration in the story of his life, encounters, memories and precious moments. Creation is a necessity, the composition of a fragrance means writing emotions.

Perfumes must tell a story. They are personal to everyone, connecting each person to their emotional experience.
The Latin Orientals perfume series by Eisenberg Paris enrich the diary of this tireless traveller into the heart of the perfume’s mysteries. His olfactory signature opens the doors to a secret world, full of thousand-year-long traditions and precious materials to offer the keys to another sensuality, harmony and encounter between the Orient and the Occident. What will your secret be?

The Voile De Chypre is a crossroad of two worlds, this pure and feminine fragrance blows hot and cold, dancing between light and darkness. Casually spirited, it renews a rich and sensual chypre (citrusy) accord where the flower is the queen. Invited at its head by the fresh and aerial Bergamot, the Violet arrays its insolence and envelops the perfume with a mysterious veil. The inimitable and blazing mark of Patchouli asserts the trail of this resolutely modern chypre which escapes from all clichés. It has an unexpected oily texture that leaves your skin feeling smooth.

Bergamot, Lemon, Grapefruit, Peach, Rhubarb, Pink Pepper, Black Pepper
Rose, Jasmine, Violet
Patchouli, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Moss, Amber, Cistus, Vanilla, Musks

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