The Drisco Hotel – When history met luxury

Where I am: The Drisco Hotel, Tel Aviv
What I am wearing: Helga Design, Chanel bag and shoes, More Is Love dress, earrings Lanuk Jewelry 
Photos by: Liya Geldman 
Make Up: Luiza Levaiv 

This post will start with a design confession, my favorite architecture style is colonial, there’s something about the wooden panels, grand staircases, the indoor palm trees and the marble that just melts my eyes and my heart and the Drisco Hotel happen to have all these elements so needless to say that my stay here was an exceptional experience. Add to the design element wonderful food, high standard service, a spoiling spa treatment and you get  a unique mixture of old world elegance and new world comforts.

The story of The Drisco is what makes this hotel so special, located in the revived American-German Colony neighborhood, with it’s sophisticated hip ambiance of the Drisco lounge bar, the rooftop bar, a private garden, and a gym. Chef, Shahar Bitton at the Hotel’s Zada restaurant, presenting a contemporary approach to a forgotten niche of Ottoman cuisine, highly recommending to have your breakfast outside in the beautifully designed garden filled with mediterranean tiles that are so perfect for your feed!

The hotel was built in 1886 (yes you read correctly!) by two brothers John and George Drisco who unlike their fellow new comers to this land aimed to create a hotel instead of turning to farming and agriculture. in 1870 the hotel was renamed by it’s new owner “The Jerusalem Hotel” and became the most prestigious hotel in the region. In 1958 the hotel was turned into a British Headquarters to The Ministry of Education, then after a decade of intensive work led by Architect and Interior Designer Mr. Ari Shaltiel, the hotel was set to open its doors in early 2018.
As you know Tel Aviv is booming with boutique hotels in recent years but The Drisco definitely stands out and without a doubt you should spend a night or two in the colonial historical heaven.

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