Neve Tzedek

This charming little neighborhood is where you need to start and end your trip to Tel Aviv. Neve Tzedek is a full of color village -like and now cool and happening neighborhood and it’s the first place I send all my visitor friends to. Being the first neighborhood to be built in Tel Aviv it has it’s “run down” charm, although in the last decade Neve Tzedek became a desirable real estate hub and a top shopping destination. I always recommend to start the tour from Ehad Ha Am end and walk down on Shabazi street until you hit the beach. Тhe rest will be discovered along the way when you get a little lost in the allies and little streets of Neve Tzedek. In order for you to familiarize properly with this eclectic area I made a list of my top stores, cafes and other chic attractions. Enjoy!

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Anita ice cream – As you know it gets really hot around here, so hot that your feet will find their own way to this place, the best ice cream in town that is. No further introductions needed about this place, I’ll just let the 50 flavors of insanely delicious ice cream talk for it self. 23 Shabazi Street, Tel Aviv, Israel

Seti – I am obsessed with this store. Еvery single thing sold in here is a piece of art and I would gladly have everything wrapped and delivered to my apartment if I only could. Seti is the first and the only place in Israel with such a wide selection of luxury scented candles, and home fragrance goods. Аpart from that it has the perfect verity of small gifts, fashion books and textiles… did I say I am obsessed yet? 25 Shabazi Street

Boutique 77 – It doesn’t happen often that I walk in to a boutique and feel like buying 99% of it’s content. Вut it happened here in Вoutique 77 where I found racks full of black/white and grey dresses and shirts, cool biker and leather jackets all made by the coolest French brands out there (IRO, Sandro, Maje and so on..) That’s a perfect place for your quality basics. 40 Shabazi Street

Numero 13 – I would say this is the first “concept store” in Tel Aviv. It opened only last year and contains everything you want to find in a mix and match store such as this. With a twist of French chic from its owner and an in-house hair saloon this is a perfect one stop pamper/shopping destination. 13 Shabazi Street

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Eat: The Dallal bakery will keep all you pastry lovers on your (did you mean “their”) toes. Тhis will be your perfect “cool down” coffee break in the shadows away from the heat. Аt this point you are a few steps from the beach, hang in there! 10 Shabazi Street and around the corner at Kol Israel Haverim St. Tel- Aviv

See: Israel is a top destination for contemporary dance fanatics. Оur national pride is the Suzan Dalal dance group who is making quite the impression outside our little land. The headquarters and the dance school are located in Neve Tzedek. Тhe building itself is not only architecturally breathtaking but also functioning as a theater where you could watch live performances while you are in town.

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