The Max & the Sir Adventure

Photos by: Liya Geldman
The location: Max HotelsBrown Hotel & Sir Savigny Hotel, The Butcher Restaurant, Benedict Berlin
Dress by: Dana Sidi, Make up: Chanel, shoes: Erin Adamson, bag: Toledano
Sir Savigny: Skirt and earrings Sample, shirt by The Frock NYC

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Did I ever mention how much I hate the cold? Even the thought of a low temperature gives me the chills, I find wearing more than 2 layers extremely confusing and I become absolutely dysfunctional under 20c when my nose and toes turn into little human ice cubes. Despite the fear of freezing to death I found myself in Berlin in December and the reason for such sacrifice was very much worth it! What brought me to Germany in the coldest month of the year was two newly opened hotels and one restaurant all of which requested the pleasure of my company, and let’s be honest who can say no this this?! (not me!)

Started of at the Max Brown Hotel, a cosy very dynamic budget friendly boutique hotel on the West side of Berlin, decorated with an exotic twist and a vintage vibe. The Max Brown is also the home of Benedict restaurant, a diner that serves breakfast all day (and all night) long. As you are guessing by this description there was a lot of food involved and no plate was left unlicked!

The second stop was the Sir Savigny Hotel with a slight change in atmosphere, a darker more masculine & lyric tone in the interior and a mystic festive feel. Here too a restaurant was part of the hotel so leaving the premises to the frozen outdoors wasn’t necessary (lucky me! Thank you Butcher for feeding me!). There are several Sir hotels around Europe and each set up is designed to represent a different type of gentleman, a concept that is so in tune with today’s sophisticated travelers.

The most comfortable hotel bed and the cloud like pillows made it practically impossible to leave the room, but as they say ” A girls gotta do what a girl gotta do”, I had to change from PJs to thermals as there were a few attractions near by that needed to be seen.

1. Bocci Kantstrasse 79, 10627 Berlin, I won’t tell you much about this place in fear of ruining the surprise that waits for you inside this historical 5 story building. In a few words I will say: prepared to be amazing by the one of the leading light installations this world has to offer.

2. Camera Work Kantstraße 149, 10623 Berlin, An incredible photography gallery currently presenting “The Kennedys” exhibition, a rare glimpse to the life of
the presidential couple.

3. KDW Tauentzienstraße 21-24, 10789 Berlin, Germany’s biggest department store carrying anything from contemporary to luxury brands, home decor and (a lot) of local yum yums in the food hall. In other words: unmissable, all the 6 floors of it.

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