The Elma Adventure

The Location: Elma Arts Complex Luxury Hotel
Photos: Liya Geldman
What I am wearing: Mr Self Portrait dress, Sophia Webster shoes both Helga Design

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The Elma Arts Complex Luxury Hotel in Zichron Ya’akov was built on the belief that when you stay with art, the art stays with you long after you leave. Designed by award-winning architect Yaakov Rechter and the vision of arts patron Lily Elstein, this unique hotel is actually a complex entirely dedicated to the arts. Located on top of the mountains of Zihron Ya’akov the Elma Hotel is the ultimate sanctuary for those who really want to disconnect.

Even though I got to Elma on the rainiest most gloomy of days I could have chosen the stay was still as unwinding as expected. The stormy weather just made the experience even more relaxing and cosy. Sitting by the fire place with a glass of red wine was certainly a suitable activity that day. Every corner in the Elma is a work of art (literally) the hotel is dedicated to supporting Israeli artist both established and emerging. The hotel has endless twists and turns to discover, from the exclusive chef restaurant to a music hall, a pampering spa (and 2 pools) and a breath taking architecture.

This iconic building was constructed in 1968 embodied the essence of 1960s and gained worldwide recognition for its innovative design, “The building provides a rare example of an architecture that synthesizes the earth and the sky.”
Purchased by Lily Elstein in 2005, the building was the centerpiece of her vision to create a world-class center for the arts and boutique hotel. Under the guidance of Amnon Rechter, Yaakov Rechter’s son, a team was assembled to restore the building according to the original plans and original materials to add two state-of-the-art concert halls and art galleries and thats what makes Elma so special.

The picturesque views, the relaxed atmosphere the exquisite food are not the only things you’ll want to return to, the entire Elma experience is something you won’t easily forget.

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