The Barcelona Adventure

By now you all probably know that I am more of a dry clean only kinda -a – girl and prefer quality over quantity, especially when it comes to the clothes I wear. Spending vast amounts of money on designer garments doesn’t end when buying them. Taking care of certain fabrics can be an expensive routine and the thought of putting those precious labeled items into the unknown spin cycle is a is a cringe-inducing thought. My cashmere pullovers, the endless rack of little silk dresses and wool jackets all need to be dry cleaned regularly and that my friends, is a pricey habit. How is this connected to Barcelona and to Arts Hotel you may ask? Well… it all has to do with Procter & Gamble Future Fabrics  annual convention that brought washing machine fearful journalists from across the globe (including a fellow blogger and my homie Korin Avraham aka Ya Salam, yes that’s us having a pillow fight bellow) in the aim of showing us how the Ariel 3 in 1 capsules  can beat that fear in a fashionable manner.

With the help of some very influential guests such as blogger Sussie Bubble, designer Jonathan Saunders, fashion expert Paula Reed, Sabine Le Chatelier from Premier Vision and designer Giles Deacon (who also designed a special machine washable collection just for this purpose) we learned that the world (and fashion with it) is heading into a new era an era of comfort and (correct me if I am wrong) more and more leisure/sporty based items are slowly creeping into our everyday wardrobes and becoming the norm when we dress. We are all busier than ever so why would we spend our precious time hand washing our delicates when we could be doing more productive things, the need for our clothes to be more functional and less high maintenance is evident, it’s clear that in 2015 our lives on the fast track require a matching hoodie that is also machine washable! I am here in Barcelona to find out how the master minds behind Ariel developed the 3 in 1 capsules that can help my busy self not only keep my designer goodies spotless, fresh and shiny for longer and help me reduce my dry cleaning bill!

Leggings are the new denim!

The best selling items of 2015 in luxury stores are leggings and sweatshirts, I bet you didn’t know that, did you? Anything with a sporty element was a horror story for traditional fashion people until not so long ago, but now have you seen the sneakers in chanel’s & dior’s couture shows? The Alexander Wang & Givenchy collections? The Stella Mccartney line for Adidas? It’s all about sportswear, the codes of what we wear have changed and the financial growth of activewear brands proves it more than anything, a staggering 44 billion pounds per year which makes athliesure much more than just a trend but more of a lifestyle.


Here are two videos that will help you learn more about the athleisure way of living and will turn on that light bulb over your head next time it comes to reading those intimidating washing instructions.

Photographer: Andrew Habeck.
All clothes by: Top Shop.
Glasses: Erroca.
Thank you ARTS HOTEL for your kind hospitality.
Special thanks to Michal Cohen Rosenfeld @ Stern Ariely PR.

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