Write drunk, edit sober

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Photos: Liya Geldman.
Make up: Hodaya Zaitelbach for Bobbi Brown Israel.
Clothes: Helena Boutique, Dana Sidi accessories by Darlin Jewelry.
Pens by Mont Blanc at Planet. Jewelry by HStern.

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Couple of weeks ago I happen to be sipping tea in my beloved Hotel Montefiore (where the polished cutlery match my polished manners) with one “New York Times” best selling author, the disciplined mysterious writer and myself exchanged notes about writing technics and the process of writing. And so, 2 raspberry macaroons and a couple of saint honores profiteroles later he asked “how do you start writing a story״? in his deep hoarse motivating voice, I had to pause and think for a moment just to realize how personal this whole writing process can be, good thing he did because this was the beginning of writing this one! The outcome of this little tea party is an extended version of how things work when you are a writer (or at least when you are me).

The toughest mission as a writer is finding that zone where we can focus and get the work done without any distractions, or in my case:

Writer’s challenges:

  • One very curious cat who is sharing my desk (peek-a-boo)
  • A sudden craving for snacks tucked away in hidden kitchen draws (I swear there was a bounty here somewhere! Must, find, it, now!!),
  • The battle between being a good housekeeper and a professional writer (let me just change the sheets real quick and fluff the pillows before the deadline)
    and let’s not forget the apparent distraction of all: the growing FOMO, let’s see what I missed on Instagram in the last 15 minutes while I was writing this. As you can tell, focusing is the hardest thing of all for me when it comes to writing.

And solutions:

  • I start my writing flow by watching a video related to the subject I am writing about in order to get inspired” and connect with my current subject.
  • One combination of words can spark a whole story, write that combination down as soon as you hear it, don’t ever say later!
  • Inspiration is everywhere so it’s ok to look as if a bubble thought appears over your head and you are gazing into space it means you are just thinking of clever phrases and captions and thats part of the job.
  • Trying to remember a sensation you had when writing about something that happened in the past is not an easy task. In order to pass your emotions on to your curious readers the writer must relive his emotions (even if they are painful at times), so take a walk down memory lane and start spilling the beans.

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Last but not least, perhaps Hemingway was right, when he said “Write drunk, edit sober” maybe I need something much stronger than jasmine tea in order to spill my guts out on a piece of paper for everyone to read. I am a night writer so perhaps a glass of wine can help…?

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