The Vibe adventure

Vibe Israel is a non profit local organization aiming to bring top bloggers of any field imaginable to see our part of the globe. Vibe’s one & only mission is for the bloggers to have the time of their lives and go tell their friends about it (by friends I mean thousands or millions of their loyal followers). Such mission is holly as far as I am concerned so helping them put together the next tour for beloved fashion bloggers was a pure mitzvah. Several months after our first brain storm here they were, the fab 5! This post is all about my adventure with fellow bloggers, Fab Muse (Alina & Diana), street style photographer
Adam Katz Sinding, my lovely friend Yuyu and the loveliest Anh from 9to5Chic, & what can I tell you it was a week to remember!!!

First stop was a trip to Caesarea followed by a very instagramable visit to Elma Hotel.

TLV Fashion Week was a big part of this tour, & attending the shows became a daily routine for all of us that week. If you really want to know this was my 3rd fashion week that month. (Zzzzz….)

The fascinating thing about blogging is how each of us creats a different visual world, even when we all see the same fashion shows, or taking the same trips, each of us will tell their own unique story. Meeting and sharing these adventures with this fabulous bunch of people was not only fun but also a great way to learn about the blogging world from a whole different and personal prospective, and learning from other great minds with great vibes, as you know, is not something I get tired of!

Photos: Liya Geldman
Clothes: Sample
Jewelry: Daj Darya
Glasses: Joseph Haver
Bags: Complet

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