You can’t miss Shourouk’s jewelry, the beautifully arranged multi colorful crystal necklaces and bags got the fashion world go crazy for her. She started her brand six years ago and now she is selling to the coolest boutiques in the world and made it to every magazine cover out there. Shourouk’s jewelry are worn by the likes of Lady gaga and Michele Obama and she isn’t about to stop there! Her Paris studio is full of color and warmth just like Shourouk herself. We visited her new studio in Paris where she works with a team of ten employees. A beautiful typical Parisian apartment with high sealing bright light and a beautiful balcony perfect for the Parisian summer parities and work of course!

How did you start making jewelry?

I studied fashion design and was supposed to become a fashion designer, 6 years ago I started my own brand focused on jewelry but embroidered ones. Because I studied how to sew and make patterns, for me making jewelry is like making clothes, it’s a very different and untraditional way to make jewelry by stitching unconventional materials together (like PVC, crystals and metal). For me every piece that I make Its like constructing an outfit.


Your pieces are so colorful and vibrant, you seem to have an amazing eye for color, where do you get your inspiration?

I travel a lot to India so I am inspired by the maharaja jewelry, the opulence and the colors that this cloture has to offer. But I am also inspired in Paris where my studio is, I love taking inspiration from old Cartier jewelry and from the women in Paris who are so full of energy.

You sell your jewelry all around the world, you make limited edition collections for Net A Porter, where else would you like to see your creations?

When I saw Michele Obama and lady gaga wearing my pieces it was such a happy moment for me, I feel so lucky but of course I want my business to grow and launch a shoe range for example, there are many many more things I would love to do.

Maybe collaborate with a certain brand?

At the moment I am working on a  collaboration with Swarovski crystals, I made a few exclusive  show pieces for the brand, I designed a capsule collection ” Swarovski by Shourouk” it will sell in the Swarovski stores world wide this season S/S 13.

moody-roza-Shourouk (3)

Tell us a little bit about the process of your work, where does a piece start?

The process start with finding a color pallet, it take time to put all the right colors together, then I start researching the shapes I want to create, I use PVC in my necklaces and bags and have to create the design for them before applying the stones, once I have the shape I start working with the crystals then constructing layering and stitching them together.

Tell me about your personal style? You seem to mix between ethnic chic and designer pieces so well.

My personal style is very mix and match, I have designer pieces but also traditional pieces from the countries that I visit, last time I was in Mexico so I bought a Mexican style tunic that made me feel like Frida Kahlo, I love mixing my traditional pieces with designer clothes it gives an eclectic feel to every outfit.

Published in ELLE Russia Jewelry special, October 2012 issue.

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