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Natalie Joos is a casting director, a stylist and a writer she documents her fashionable adventures on, where she also introduces the world to the coolest new actresses, musicians, models and muses. Natalie is Belgian but lives in Brooklyn, she flew all the way to Paris not only to have coffee with me but also so see the shows and cast the best models possible for her clients. Natalie and I had many coffees before but this time it ended as a brunch in a typical French cafe just by Palais Royal with snobby waiters and crispy baguettes. yummy!

You’ve been to so many shows by now, does it get boring?

It does if there is nothing exciting to see, I  can go to 10 shows and only one of them will be great you can never know, I always look for the young and new talent too not only the big fashion houses. Fashion week is like a long marriage you need to be wowed and find ways to “spice up” the relationship.

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Do you think fashion shows are still necessary? when you can see everything online? Where is the future of fashion shows in your opinion?

I love going to fashion shows. And I think they are still necessary. The designer can create an ambiance with music and decor that you can not achieve in a photo. Plus, the viewer can see more texture, the back of a garment, details, and talk about it with his or her neighbor. I don’t see fashion shows disappear any time soon.

Is fashion moving forward? Or you feel like it’s stuck a little?

Fashion is always moving, whether it looks at the past (like the last 2 years) or to the future. We are constantly looking for new techniques and greener ways of producing and I think that’s a great step forward. God knows how taxing the entire fashion industry is on the environment, so if anything we must concentrate on making it more sustainable and healthy.

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What’s your take on Big brands and Fashion houses who are increasing their prices on goods while the economy is shaky? who can really afford luxury fashion ?

There are many alternatives to luxury fashion. I rarely buy expensive designers. I wear vintage and support young talent. And do I look bad? No. So I think it’s all relative. Style and taste are more valuable than the label in your jacket.

How is Paris fashion week different for a New Yorker girl like you?

The French PR people are not as kind as the ones in Milan and New York where everyone is  much more generous and helpful, in France in general everything is more relaxed, everything is moving much slower it’s the same when it comes to fashion week, it feels like you can take time and not always run around like I do in New York.

Published on Buro 24/7

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