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Lisa Seltzer is the founder and the designer behind the American jewellery brand Lulu Frost in 2005 lisa who was just graduated from art school sold a necklace she made to a friend and realized that this is her destiny, the name Lulu Frost came from her grand mother who was also a jewelry enthusiast her sir name was frost and Lisa’s sir name is Lulu, that’s how she got the name for her brand. Today her jewelry are sold in over 250 stores across the world including Moscow (in Tsum) this year Lulu Frost will celebrate 10 years in business.
Her style is vivid, fun colorful and eclectic, you can see it in her jewelry and in her wardrobe, she welcomed me to her amazing apartment in Manhattan and shared her favorite trends for this season.
Lisa lives with her boyfriend Marlon who is a ballet dancer and also a jewelry designer at his spare time, this is means a house full of inspiration and creativity. Lisa’s wardrobe is full of exciting pieces, she is not afraid of color and she loves bold prints.

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My personal style:

I love clothes that have some sense of humor but are still elegant, my style is a mix of playful, fun patterns and conservative cut, I love prints and mix of colors, my favorite designers that incorporate my style so well are Marni and Lanvin and Suno.

What will you wear this season?

I adore the Marni collection, and this suit that I am wreaking is my favorite look for this season, I want to have a patterned two piece suit that I can also wear separately, it’s a great investment and I can wear it in many different ways,this season I will wear it with chunky platforms to compete the look. I also love to mix retro style pieces in a modern way, like this 50’s inspired floral skirt by Tibi with a fun chunky sweater and of course I will add  a big stack of jewelry to all my outfits!

Your jewelry are worn by amazing celebrities, singers and actresses, how does it feel? (Rihanna, Taylor Swift Beyonce and so on..)

It’s a big honour for me to have these incredible women with amazing sense of style, we are all so happy in the studio when they choose to wear the jewelry, each girl wears Lulu frost in a different way, and that’s what’s exciting about it, our creations are so divers and anyone can relate or find something that they love, from victorian style rings and bracelets to 50’s inspired clip earrings, Its always so much fun to see how these women wear our designs. Taylor swift lately posted on her Instagram a photo of our S shaped necklace, it was her way to apologies to Selina Gomes in public for the little fight they had, so our jewelry send a message beyond fashion.

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Do you have any beauty tips?

I learned everything I know from my amazing make up artist, Cassandra Garcia she’s the top make up artist for Bobi Brown, the first thing I learnt is to not put eye liner directly on your skin but use cream eye shadow first, this way the eye liner doesn’t move.

What would you never wear?

I think the answer will have to be overalls, I have a pear shaped body so it will look really bad on me, I think it’s very important to dress according to your body shape, it will make every woman avoid fashion disasters.

Photos: Hannah Sider
Make Up: Cassandra Garcia for Bobi Brown

Published in ELLE Russia October 2014

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