Avigail Claire

Avigail Claire is one half of Silver Spoon Attire a brand and a Styling company with her husband Damian Collins. Avigail has the whole fashion world at the palm of her hand, no wonder her number one accessory is her phone, she won’t part ways with it for a minute in her busy day. As a stylist to the biggest music acts and as Rihanna’s personal friend and her European stylist she gets to see and wear all the collections first and dress the world’s most exciting musicians. Now she is taking her styling skills to a whole new adventure by designing beautiful head pieces not only for her clients but also for fashionistas all around the globe.

Tell me how you started your brand?

We stared our brand in 2006 but we were a leather luxury brand  after we both graduated, a year later we were introduced to Rihanna who offered us to become part of her styling team, and of course we couldn’t refuse to such offer so we stated traveling with her all over the world. At this point we had no time to continue our clothing line so we became known for styling musicians (like aliza dulitel, Rita orra and many more). About a year ago we made a special beanie hat for Rihanna, it had a vintage brooch we found attached to a hat we liked, at the last minute before going on stage in one of her biggest concerts she decided to come out with the hat, that’s how we launched our accessory brand, in front of 70.000 people.

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Tell us about your inspirations and the work process of your head pieces.

We like to think that our brand is all about “grange princes”our inspirations are the likes of Elizabeth Tylor’s jewelry princes Diana’s tiaras mixed with modern shapes and materials. Everything we make we give to Rihanna first, she testing our product she is our biggest muse and we are very much inspired by her style.

Tell us about your personal style.

My style is used to be very mixed and eclectic, every day I would be a different character but as I got older I started wearing a “fashion uniform” mostly black and a lot more classic, cashmere jeans good Chanel boots and I also collect Christopher Kane pieces. My style is changing every season it’s a mix between Sophia Lauren style and street wear inspirations I get from my husband.

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And accessories wise? You have a lot of wonderful pieces.

I like weird chunky jewelry, I don’t change jewelry but I always welcome diamonds. Shoes and bags, I am a bag addict I just can’t get enough I buy a bag every season at least and I have a big collection of designer bags including my mum’s vintage ones, I love them! Shoes of course are also a big thing with me I wear a lot of heels and platforms, I can say that most of my shoes are very eccentric.

Did you see anything this season you really like or already bought?

I couldn’t resist the ASHISH Tesco sequin bag (appears in one of our photos) Thank god I got a discount! I also love the new Saint Laurent bags I will get one very soon for sure, but what I’m really dreaming about for a while is a pair of classic Manolo’s, I have to get a pair this season !!

We collaborated with penelopechilvers.com on a collection of velvet loafers that are coming out this season so I’m also going to be wearing those this season.

Published ELLE Russia April 2014 issue.

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