On the beach

No doubt that when you visit Tel Aviv the first thing you want to do is head to the beach right away, I am not blaming you I would do the same. If it’s your first time in town then you should know that our strip is very diverse, the North part is a slightly more international, you’ll find a great deal of French speakers and other sun loving tourists like yourselves.

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Every beach has it’s own crowd, so much so that there is even a dog beach where you can have a dip with your pup.
Gordon Beach must be my favorite, it is the youthful one and always full of yummy surfers, near by you can find Gordon pool and a very useful and popular gym.
Tel Aviv’s Marina is also around the corner and if you are up for chilling in a yacht this is the place to do it.

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If you don’t know it by now you will soon find out that Tel Aviv is full delicious everything (!!!) and finding a good place to eat is not a big challenge, if you are around Gordon Beach and want to enjoy a quick bite while starting at the waves then Landwer caffe  is where you need to go. Don’t forget the local essentials; flip flops, sun screen and good vibes! Enjoy!

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Photos by: Rotem Lebel
All clothes by Helga Design.

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