Carmel Market

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What would be the first place you would take your “out of town” friends if you really wanted to show them the traditional essence of your city? When it comes to Tel Aviv there is one ideal place that combines the spirit of our mediterranean nature and our passion for all things yummy. The Carmel Market is the best place to taste and feel the fresh and vibrant nature of our town. At the Carmel market you will find tons of exotic fruits you may have never tried before, local delicious (and cheap) stuff like Falafel, Burekas and lots of grilled meat and fish. It’s also the perfect spot to get those typical souvenirs everyone expects you to bring back.

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If you are strolling around the market you must also visit the yemeni quarter, one of the oldest and most authentic neighborhoods in Tel Aviv, and as you imagine it is not short for delicious stuff as well. If you can’t get enough of this place, you have the option to stay at the Peer Hotel  and explore the area in a more detailed manner.

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Photos by: Rotem Lebel
All clothes by Sample.

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