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Probably like most fashion girls, I admit that whenever I get to a city I never visited before I run straight to the fashion districts and check out the local fashion scene. Concept & department stores and trendy shopping streets become my ultimate sight seeings. You might rise an eyebrow but for me, it is a great and stylish way to learn about the local culture and shopping habits (yes, it is a form of anthropological studies).

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Helga Design was established in 1984, by Helga Gottesdiener and is located at the prestigious area of Kikar Hamedia at 12 Hey Beiyar St. in Tel Aviv.
The uniqueness of the store reflects Helga’s personal taste. For Helga, the touch and feel of the garment is most important. Even after 30 years of buying (god only knows how many seasons that is)Helga personally hand-picks and evaluates each garment, she is known as one of the top buyers in the country.

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At the woman’s and mens departments at Helga Design you can find a mix of established big names such as Prada, Miu Miu Givenchy, Lanvin Saint Laurent and Marni along newer fashionable brands like Phillip Lim, Schumacher and Alexander Wang, you will also find a large selection of accessories and evening wear, so go get cultured!

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Photos by: Liya Geldman

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