Short hair I do care

The location: The Wella Professionals Academy

Photographer: Mariana Stebaneva

Huge thanks to: Muse Consultancy and BKimonoz for my custom made kimono

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This year I am turning 33 and I still can’t decide if that makes me an old hag and one step forward towards becoming a crazy cat lady or if the good and fun part of my life really just kicking in… Aging, I must admit never troubled me that much, perhaps it’s my petite frame and the stable weight, or my relatively youthful skin (thanks mum for those Russian gens!) but as young as I think I am there are still a few things that come with getting (ehemmm) older, and they, to my surprise are beyond my control.

Yes, I am very grateful that mother nature decided to bless me with a wrinkle free face and with a naturally toned body (no I don’t work out if you must know!) but there’s just one thing I couldn’t escape and thats getting grey hair, it happened and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

When I found my first grey hair I was in panic, my mum tried to calm me down, and said she was only when 25 she when started dying her hair, and as mortified as I was to discover the perky grey enemy I knew there are a lot of stylish ways to hide it.

I was a hair color virgin and needed a full mental and professional support, I knew I had to turn to a master of the trade in order to get the result that I wanted. I grabbed my best friend Tal and we teamed up with WELLA Professionals to match color, dye, cut, consult and blow dry our hair. Apart from the fact that we had a blast being pampered by the pros we also ended up looking and feeling 5 years younger! So Bye Bye grey enemies, I ain’t ready to be an old hag just yet!

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