In Paris with Padani

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The location:

Plaza Athenee Paris. Address: 25 Avenue Montaigne, 75008 Paris, France
Phone: +33 1 53 67 66 65


François-Xavier Watine

What I am wearing:

Pink & Black dresses by ROCHAS, grey jumpsuit by Ulyana Sergeenko
All jewelry by PADANI, watch by CHANEL.

Special thanks to: Karla Otto.
Click here to make a reservation at Plaza Ayhenee Paris.

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I will start by saying that despite the extremely pretty pictures & this unbelievable location, this won’t be a “look at me I’m a princess” kinda story, that, as you know I leave to other girls who fit the bill much more than I do. This post will rather tell a different story, less of a Cinderella fairytale but more of “hard work pays off” type of tale. Paris as you know is officially the most beautiful city in the world and although I’ve been there countless times this trip was a whole new way of experiencing the city of lights (and Croissants, stinky cheese and rude cab drivers). What made this stay so extra special is my partnership with PADANI, a leading Israeli chain of jewelry stores who are responsible for importing high end brands such as Chanel, Cartier & Bulgari, as well as designing their own exclusive collections. Our sparkly affair brought me and the jewels to Plaza Athene which is (to me at least) the most beautiful hotel in Paris. On top of the epic location, the fabulous dresses & bedazzling jewels I had the pleasure of shooting this adventure with one fine young man that goes by the name of François-Xavier Watine, who is one of my favorite street style photographers out there. For the entire duration of my stay I felt as if I am part of a post card, because you know, seeing the Eiffel tower from your window while sitting in a luxury suite wearing a couture gown is perhaps not something you do every day but this kind of scene and the feeling that follows it is so easy to get used to. A combination of these extravagant elements I just mentioned resulted in this lavish post, so hope you enjoy the sparks…

Bissus from Paris, Moody Roza xx

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