Coola Spa

We all begin to understand the importance of taking some time to unwind from the everyday tasks and hustles and this post is about a place where you could do just that.

Coola is a women for women spa, it is part of the Comme ill Faut brand and it’s located in the port of Tel Aviv and has a  captivating view of the sea.
Besides for the fact it offers relaxing treatments like facials and massages you may also have your meni-peddi done and what do you know you can also read a book while at it! I am sure this all sounds wonderful to every girl out there but what is more wonderful is the new concept Coola came up with lately, the spa has become an official “NO PHONE ZONE” which means you are completely disconnected during your time at the spa, no whatsapp, no facebook chat and yes, no instagram! Your phone is deposited in a safe before you enter the spa and you may only reunite with it when you leave.

This is the perfect way to really get in touch with your inner “chill zone”, cleans from inside out, spend time with your thoughts and not with your feed. Being here without any of these technological distractions really proves how much you are relying on that cell of yours so I made a packed with myself that I will detox at Coola at least once a month and I think you should all do the same!

moody-roza-coola-spa (10)

Coola Spa – Hangar 26 Namal Tel Aviv

Photos by: Rotem Lebel

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