Nicole Warne

Nicole Wrane is also known for her blogging name Gary Pepper Girl her incredibly captivating photographs and her elegant demure got her a global stardom status and today she is one of the most profitable bloggers in the world. She lives outside of Sydney by the beach with her photographer boyfriend and travels non stop around the globe collaborating with major brands and even stars one magazine covers. I dreamt of interviewing her for so long and finally it happened last season as part of my review for Buro24/ and here is the English version just for you!

What do you find crazy when you go to fashion week?

I definitely think it’s becoming bigger and crazier, each year there are more people in the shows and outside the shows, fashion is becoming very popular globally and more and more people want to attend the shows, it is becoming a little wild and a lot less exclusive, but on the other hand this opens doors to more young people who want to have a career in fashion and that’s a very inspiring and encouraging thing, I always focus at the positive side of things and fashion.

Your photos are always so amazing, what photos on your Instagram get the most likes?

Well, I don’t like just posting photos of myself, I find it over exposing, but I love beautiful views when I travel, my most liked photos are ones with collaboration with brands, my best photo was done in Lancome’s lavender field last year. All my photos have a purpose I prepare all my shoots ahead, I want my followers to feel something when they see my photos and not just get the likes. You will be surprised but my lifestyle and travel photos get more likes then photos of me!

You have almost one million followers on Instagram, your phone must be blasting all day, how do you keep up with all the comments and questions?

Well, I switch off my notifications otherwise I would go crazy! My whole business was build on social media so I am always on my phone or my laptop, I am so busy that sometimes too much information can get me exhausted luckily I have an agent and an assistant to help me out.

You travel so much, a lot of planes and jet lags, how do you relax and keep healthy?

Last year my body got really run down so now I am trying to eat very healthy, exercise and luckily I live by the beach and I can relax when I am home, also it’s very important to have a good team to help you out, I realized I can’t do everything myself and having someone to help is a step to a healthier life.

Do you miss the pre digital era?

I do miss the slow paste of things, I miss not being on the phone all the time and I miss having more time and the simplicity of blogging when I just began, I was 19 and it was a hobby now it’s a business so there are a lot more responsibilities.

What would you change in fashion or fashion week if you could ?

I think the street style photography is getting out of hand, even all the printed magazines are full of street style so it’s a big business these days, when I walk out of a show I get a whole pack of photographers chasing me, it is a little crazy now feels more like paparazzi and it can be intimidating.

What do you wear when you aren’t on fashion week?

I know this will sound very very strange but when I am home I don’t even like wearing shoes! (and no make up)  I am so easy going I can still wear the same vintage dress I have since I am 17, I grew up on a farm so it’s all very relaxed.  I don’t believe in owning a lot I can fit all my clothes in 2 suitcases.

Photos: Alistair Guy

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