White City – Bauhaus

Tel Aviv is not known for being the most glamorous of cities, it can get really gritty and noisy but you just have to remember that it’s all part of this town’s charm. You won’t find manicured lawns in front fancy buildings but you will find some impressive bauhaus architecture on every corner, no building looks the like the other, a fact that makes the “White City” so interesting and diverse.

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There are over 400 Bauhaus influenced buildings in Tel Aviv, built in the early years of Israel to date by architects who immigrated from Europe and were influenced by this German method. A lot of these buildings are protected by Unesco and are being renovated to be brand spanking new as we speak.

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For more details about the “White City” you can visit the Bauhaus Center where you’ll find guided tours, souvenirs to take with you and books about the subject.
And remember, while you are strolling around town, don’t forget to look up as you never know where you’ll spot that perfect Instagramable bauhaus building.

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Photos by: Rotem Lebel
All clothes by Helena TLV.

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