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Let’s be honest, what woman wouldn’t dream of living in a marvelous apartment on upper east side right next to Central Park, have a closet full of designer clothes and an endless shoe collection, to raise fantastic kids and own a profitable business, no that’s not a line from a sex and the city script that’s Brett Heyman’s life. Her style is impeccable, she is obsessed with shoes and denim and has a collection of vintage dresses, Brett is the proud owner of the brand Edie Parker, the colorful plastic bags that took the fashion world by storm, they are seen on the red carpet, sold all over the world and adopted by every fashionista out there, I had a rare glimpse to Brett’s perfect home and closet and I am still not over it!

How did you start your brand?

I was working for the accessory pr department of Gucci for many years so I had the passion for bags for a while, as also collected vintage bags from the 60’s an 50’s then when I had my first baby I decided to do something more creative so I stared this brand, I thought to myself ‘if I made a person I can probably make a bag’ so I did!

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Brett’s style:

My style is very expressive, all my jeans are painted, my vintage dresses are full of prints my shoes are always fun and everything I wear has a twist of fun in it, I guess that reflects my personality.

Where do you shop?

I shop everywhere! I adore shopping… I buy in vintage shops in New York and on eBay as well, I do shop online lately too.

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What will you be wearing this season?

Every season I have my uniform, I love crazy denim with a nice tailored jacket or coat, saint Laurent have a great coat this season that I’m planning on buying, I always buy new boots, I love the fringed trend and I bought two pairs of boots by Paul Andrew, they add an interesting movement to the outfit. I love the new length of skirts, under the knee, I think I’ll be wearing that a lot this season. I love winter clothes I will get a lot of knits this season too.

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Do you have a beauty tip?

Yes! Something I heard from Claudia Schiffer, she said never go to bed with your make up, I always take off my make up before I go to bed!

What would you never wear?

I would never wear shoulder pads, I’m not a huge fan of the 80’s

How does New York effects your creativity?

New York is the best for creativity, I take my kids to museums all the time and I’m inspired by art and the architecture here, it’s an amazing place for people watching too, this town has the best places to get inspired by and they are all at my door step, I’m very lucky.

Published in ELLE Russia October issue 2014

Photos by: Hannah Sider

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