Welcome to K Suites – My latest business venture


The Location: K Suites TLV – 8 Ness Ziona Street, Tel Aviv
What I am wearing: For Restless Sleepers silk suit, Miu Miu slippers, Marni earrings, Anya Hindmarch bag all at Helga Design. Sunglasses by Joseph Haver
Manicure: Yullia
Photographer: Mariana Stebeneva
Make up: Maya Sharf
Special thanks: Nicky Brosky for assisting me here.

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From now on instead of asking me what hotel you should stay in next time you visit Tel Aviv just read this post carefully and the answer will be clear. I can proudly announce that the newly opened K Suites hotel is my latest business venture and you are invited to take part in my transition to the hospitality business.


K Suites is a family owned super modern and comfi boutique hotel located (wait for it…) right on the beach, which means you are just one traffic light away from dipping your tippy toes in the mediterranean sea. Just for your extra comfort the rooms at the K are much larger and a lot more chic than your average hotel rooms and you get to have your own balcony, fridge, desk and a mini living room, in other words it has the Moody Roza stamp of approval.


Anyone of my friends who will be staying at K Suites will get a special rate and will be counted as my personal guest, what I really want to say is: that from now on it’s mi casa es tu K casa!!

For more details and bookings you may contact the hotel directly and mention you were sent by yours truly!

Enjoy your stay at the K, for any further details/questions I am at your service!

At your service +972546000365

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