The Californian Adventure

Just a few days before the clock ticked 2015 I found myself on the plane making my way (for the first time) to LA, turns out a job that was supposed to be happening later this year had to happen in a couple of days instead. My wonderful colleagues at Buro24/ decided it’s time for another fashionable adventure so I was sent to interview top “Red Carpet” Stylists just before the award season begun, (you can read all about that in the interview section very soon). It also meant that I will spontaneously celebrate my New Years Eve away from home. If you think this trip was all work and no play you are so wrong, and even though I’m grateful to BA’s World Club adjustable bed-seat and re runs of Larry David, I did not fly 16 hours for just work so a road trip was in the making!
Telling you everything about what went on in California and trying to describe how amazing it all was would require a whole blog, so I will keep it short and let you enjoy the views that left me too, speechless.

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Bel Air Hotel – A magical place like no other, a service beyond imagination, a breakfast that changed the rules of dining and an overall unforgettable experience.

LA’s palm trees and The Standard Hotel  My obsession with palm trees and all things summer is a well known one, so no surprise I was walking around looking up and admiring the tropical nature. The 50’s feel of the Standard Hotel made me feel like on a set of a film most of the time, and what better place to feel like you’re a movie star then Hollywood.

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Esalen institute  Probably the most holy and wholesome experience I had in my whole 31 (yes, I just revealed my age) this place is the purest way to let go of everything and give in to nature, I became one with the ocean and the cliffs that were surrounding me, it only lasted for 3 hours but it will be remember for a lifetime.

Madonna Inn  Forget everything you know about hotels, put aside any rules and expectations as this one is beyond your wildest imaginations. The Madonna In is like Disney Land for adults, it hasn’t changed a bit since the early 80’s and it is the most flamboyant place you”ll see in your life. You will have to walk around there for days in order to see all the details, every room, every corner is bombarded with color, texture and a lot of kitschy objects, if you ever pass it by do pull over to witness this surreal accommodation.

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