The Russian Adventure

Moscow was the destination, business was the aim. The adventure begun by exploring the local fashion scene, discovering the best shops the Russian capital has to offer (and there are plenty!) some of them were new to me and some more familiar. Aizel Moscow was on top of my list (yes, I had an actual list) of cool stores I had to visit and luckily the mission was accomplished successfully!

moody-roza-Moscow-Aizel (6)

This concept store provides all the latests and hottest collections to many of local fashionistas since 2003, it was founded by local fashion maven Aizel Trudel-Guseinova who is also the proud owner of DVF, Christian Louboutin and Agent Provocateur in Moscow.
This 600 meters of pure fashion joy is located just off the main shopping street of Moscow and has a restaurant on the top floorin case you want to rest your fit after the heavy consuming.

moody-roza-Moscow-Aizel (6)

This place is perfect for discovering hot local designers and spot those stunning Russian ladies who you probably follow on Instagram, you can only imagine how thrilled I was to raid it!

Aizel Moscow 10/3, Stoleshnikov Street, Metro Teotralnaya
+7 (495) 629 95 01, +7 (495) 730 57 52

Aizel online

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Photos by: Anastasia Dubovaya

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