The Alegra Adventure

Imagine someone is that madly in-love with you that he decides to build you a 13 room house with 2 gardens and a waterfall just so he can have you around all the time… Sounds romantic and maybe a little out of reach for us these days but that is the story of  Alegra Hotel, a stunning and historic property housed in a meticulously restored 1930’s building in the village of Ein Kerem outside of Jerusalem, and the destination of another fashionable adventure.

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A unique and contemporary hospitality experience within the Tuscany-like Judean Hills that very much reminded me of the Hollywood hills replete with historic churches and synagogues and stunning natural landscapes, For gourmets, Alegra Hotel features an in-house restaurant led by Executive Chef Amir Na’or,
who sources local ingredients, herbs and produce picked from the hotel’s orchards, gardens and nearby markets. Na’or’s daily-prepared menu is based upon innovative twists to generations-old recipes and served in a beautiful, open-kitchen space.

The Alegra Hotel is undoubtedly a story of love. In the early 1920’s, Alegra Bello, a Jewish resident of Jerusalem’s Mahane Yehuda district, and Jebra Francis Rahil, an Arab Christian from Ein Kerem village, escaped the disapproving confines of their families to pursue their love for one another. The amorous couple fled to Bethlehem where they secretly wed under the twilight of Christianity following Alegra’s conversion process just a few weeks prior. It was in 1930 that the couple returned to Ein Kerem where Jebra built this beautiful home as a symbol of love for his new wife.  In 2010, the house was restored and transformed into a stunning and luxurious boutique property known today as the Alegra Hotel.

I swear that walking around the property did feel truly enchanting and gave me chills more than once,I felt the strong energy of true love and it made me wonder how life would be like for me back in those days and if I would be as lucky as Alegra to have found such magical love in her life.

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Photos by: Liya Geldman
Dress by: Shakuhachi
Shoes,bags, top and pants all Helga Design

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