Tbilisi Fashion Week

moodyrozaxtbilisi-bannerLocation: Tbilisi
In collaboration with: More is Love
Photos by: Natia Dundua

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It’s my second time in Tbilisi fashion week, and if you know anything about Georgian hospitality you will know that this is not your usual fashion week experience. This particular event takes place during 4 days and showcasing the younger and less established local talents. Along with back to back fashion shows the warm Georgian welcome this week also included a verity of other activities such as consuming an uncountable amount of local food, raising endless toasts with some fine local wine and of course there was a lot of dancing involved. All of this, as you can imagine was yet another unforgettable Tbilisi fashion week I will never forget.

And now after we digested our hachapuries, let’s talk about fashion! If you follow the industry you already know that Georgian fashion designers are having a global moment of glory right now, with Demna Gvasalia at Balenciaga and VETEMENTS the hype from Georgia is inevitable, with some help of stylish locals I managed to discover exactly what Georgian style is all about – it is about the women!

Yes, Georgian women like the town’s symbol are strong, protective yet warm and inviting. Out of over 20 designers who presented this week only one was a male, which means a lot about the importance of female force in the Georgian fashion industry that is basically entirely run by women.

Tbilisi, you were incredibly welcoming, thank you for showing me your talents and giving me a lesson on how to be a strong yet hospitable woman!


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