moodyrozaxfloralis2Location: Floralis
What I am wearing:
Skirt and top by Mr Self Portrait, shoes Sophia Webster, dress Marni boots Tods, all at Helga Design. Jewelry Hot Crown.
Photos by: Liya Geldman
Production & Styling Assistant: Jessica Moszynski

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Some of you might have noticed on my social media that I talked about moving to my new house and indeed, after endless search I finally found the home of my dreams (well, my dreams within a financial reach that is.)


Ask any girl and she will tell you that moving to a new home is a real fantasy, what can be more seticfing than getting rid of the old and start a fresh page. All we got to do is only buy new EVERYTHING and turn our new home from an “ok apartment” into a ELLE Decor cover worthy home.

I assure you there is no grater pleasure for us girls than decorating from scratch and because I am no different and I just LOVE playing around with interiors I teamed up with Floralis who helped me find the perfect pieces for my chic new residence.
This may surprise you but, as fancy as this looks to you, Floralis is actually unexpectedly affordable, I managed to leave with a hand full of goodies that will help transform my bare and minimalistic home to a cosy nest for me and Mitzka (yes, I live with my design savvy cat). It’s now time to get creative and put every piece purchased where it belongs, I promise to show you the results in a seperate post some time in the near future. In the mean time make your way to Floralis, and enjoy their superb selection of home wear, although there’s nothing much left after I raided the store.


Happy decorating ladies!

ראשל״צ, שד׳ היובל 14, טל׳ 03-9568710. שעות פתיחה: א-ה 20:00-9:00, שישי 15:00-9:00.
ראשל״צ, רח׳ רוז׳נסקי 1, א.ת. חדש, טל׳ 072-2442804. שעות פתיחה: א-ה 20:00-9:00, שישי 15:00-9:00.
הרצליה פיתוח, יוחנו הסנדלר 1, טל׳ 072-2442800. שעות פתיחה: א-ה 19:00-9:39, שישי 15:00-9:30.
מתחם I WAY, צ. קריית אתא, טל׳ 072-2442802. שעות פתיחה: א-ה 20:00-9:00, שישי 14:00-9:00.

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