Rosh Ha Shanah

This post was inspired by two things, first it was my lovely friend and uber talented architect Lilach Moraver who’s exquisite minimalistic taste and obsession with all things white made me want to re shuffle my thoughts, dig deeper and live better even if for a moment. The second thing that inspired this post is the emotional couple of months I experienced due to a very unanticipated & dramatic break-up that lead to some serious thinking and learning. I invaded Lilach’s flawless home in order to infuse my mind (and hopefully yours too) with some pure thoughts just in time for the Jewish new year.

So after a “where have you been all my life” moment turned into ” I curse the day I met you” meltdown here are the things I learned about guys, relationships and the eternal mystery thats called LOVE (with some musical help from my favorite hip hop classics).

Alicia Keys said: “A real man knows a real woman” Guys who don’t take themselves seriously shouldn’t be taken seriously by serious girls, in other words, don’t date the village fool and expect to be treated like a princes.

Drake said “Don’t assume cause I don’t respect assumptions bae” – Follow his lead and avoid major disappointments simply by asking what you want to know instead of just assuming the answers (only because you are afraid to scare the guy away).

J Lo & LL cool J said: you are all I had If a man declares he is not afraid of loosing anything (including your precious self) it means he has nothing in his life worth loosing, that alone is a sad fact, and under no circumstances you should be a woman who he isn’t afraid to loose.

Kelis said: “Might trick me once but I won’t let you trick me twice” – I am all for giving second chances for the sake of true love but if a guy blew it the second time around then the third time should not be a valid option for you.

Beyonce said: Love is so blind it feels right when it’s wrong – Love is blind, but it comes with flashing warning signs and loud alarm bells, DO NOT ignore them as they might save you the grief at a later stage. If your guts tell you that something is not 100% right say what’s on your mind, otherwise a huge “I told you so” sign will appear later on in the game.

John Legend said: take it slow In our insta days it’s challenging to make a real fundamental connection, finding that person who you excited about never been so difficult, therefor when you click with someone on all human levels make sure you take time to explore who they really are, before declaring your eternal love to them.

Justin Timberlake said: What goes around comes around The only way to get back on your feet after a broken heart saga is to live through the disappointing actions of the one who caused it. Don’t be in denial about what you are going through, let it get to you, embrace it in order to fight it. Don’t be hard on yourself but don’t jump into another affair. Healing an aching heart takes time but I promise you will come out much stronger and wiser than the one who pushes his feelings aside jumps on to the next available person and denies his misery. Take the pain and become a better, wiser stronger person, don’t miss the opportunity to learn a lesson and don’t worry, the universe will make sure he’ll get what he deserves! Karma smacks back big time!

Mary J Blige said: No more drama This is the time to make it all about you, remember that you existed before you met that person who rejected you. Stay away from the drama and spend time being productive to yourself. Read, listen to 90’s R&B, get some fresh air, drink champaign, pour your heart out to girlfriends, flirt with strangers and most importantly ALWAYS DRESS TO KILL, trust me that helps!

Wishing you all a Shana Tova, full of love, lust and peace of mind.

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Thank you Lilach for contributing her home for the sake of my art
Photos by Rotem Lebel
All clothes by Helena TLV
Glasses: Joseph Haver
Beauty: Dermalogica

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