My favorite 5 street food spots

It’s no secret that Tel Aviv is becoming a top culinary destination and a vegan mecca to many foodies around the globe. When you stroll around you will find street food stands, cafes and restaurants on every corner of town, sometimes I feel as if all that people do around here is eat all day (or at least nibble). As a huge fan of all things tasty I thought why not share my favorite street food spots, incase you feeling peckish and overwhelmed with the choice.

Falafel Ha Kosem or in a simple translation “The magician’s Falafel” – This place has been around for almost 2 decades and never lost it’s (well…) magic. This vibrant spot has a lot more to offer than just balls of falafel in a pitta, the menu is vegan and veggie friendly I guarantee you won’t be able to stop at one dish. Try the house lemonade with your lunch and enjoy the well presented staff. Pure magic in a pitta. Shlomo Ha Melech 1 Tel Aviv

Caffe Ben Gurion – One of the best people watching spot in town as well as a great place to have your coffee and mingle. What started as a pastry and sandwich cafe turned into a super popular asian fusion stand. Make sure you are not in a rush when you get there as you can engage in long conversations with passers by and make new friends while sipping on your udon. Ben Gurion Dizingof.

Tamara – Nothing beats a colorful cup of freshly squeezed juice they know that very well at Tamara’s. Get your daily vitamins at any of their branches around town, the one on Dizingof is my favorite. Ben Gurion Dizingof

Humus Meshausha – You already know that Humus is our trade mark, now you need to choose where to have it. There are so many debates over where the best humus in town is and I refuse to decide. Humus Meshausha on Bugrashov is more then fine for me! don’t let the little plate mislead you this is one hell of a filler. 40 Pinsker Street, corner of Bugrashov.

Miznon – I know it sounds dramatic but I just can’t live without the food this place has to offer. Whenever I’m away I dream of reunited with the sweet potato and the chicken liver in a pitta. Legendary chef Eyal Shani’s philosophical yet simplified food will get you hooked in no time. If it’s your first time be aware of a few things, one: There are no plates in this place and your food will be served to you on a cardboard, two: it’s noisy and that’s on purpose, the staff like to sing and dance and play their music real loud, in other words,  you’ll be back for more the next day.
Miznon 30 King George Street & 23 Eben Gvirol Street

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