Karla Welch

Karla Welch is exactly the opposite of what you expect a hollywood stylist to be. She is far from being the glossy and snooty type, but quite the contrary, she is what you may call the “ultimate cool girl”. Karla is super grungy, easy going and after meeting her you will want to hang out with her, like, a lot! I had the pleasure of visiting Karla’s shoe swamped studio while I was in LA last month, I caught up with her just before the Golden Globes where she dressed non other but Amy Poehler who hosted the ceremony. Among her clients are Justin Bieber, Olivia Wilde, Hailee Steinfeld, Lorde, Cindy Crawford and so many others. Karla was super kind to show me around her creative environment while trucks filled with couture gowns poured in her office. Thank you Karla for for letting me  raid your incredible space.
This interview was published on Buro 24/7

Tell me about the process of choosing “the perfect” outfit for a celebrity.

First, we start with all the event info – then i hit the showrooms and start calling in looks from designers that i think will work. I like to take time to dream up a look and direction – then execute it!

In what way are your clients involved in choosing their outfits?

Well, they get to decide if they like it LOL. It again is event dependent, i have worked with so many of my girls for so long, that we have a lot of trust and speak the same language. If the looks are on the rack, then i am happy for them to wear them. I prefer to edit edit edit and make every option good.

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What are your rules (for your clients) of dressing for red carpet?

Make sure it fits. Always have a backup.

What are the trends you see now on the red carpet?

I think there will be a lot of capes.

Is red carpet fashion changes from season to season just like it does on the catwalks? What are the main changes that you see each year?

I think there is always a thread of consistency when it comes to red carpet – i def think we see color changes

What happens when one of your clients gets on a “bad dressed” list?!

I don’t care. Lists are arbitrary.

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Who are you going to be dressing for the up and coming red carpet events and ceremonies? (please mention the the names of ceremonies as well)

Felicity Jones for the entire awards season. Amy Poehler for golden globes, Sag awards, Sarah Paulson for Sag awards, countless other actress for parties.

Are celebrities allowed to keep their dresses after wearing them or they have to buy them?

Cinderella baby. The looks go back.

Photos by Niv Ocean Shank.

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