Madrid Fashion Week


All photos by Liya Gedman

When it comes to fashion Spain always had a steady reputation, a market that is best known for it’s major fast fashion chains that changed the way we shop forever ( I am talking about the Inditex Group of course, with Zara and Massimo Dutti as main players along with more youthful chains Pull and Bear, Bershka and more) yet somehow we never really saw anything out of the ordinary classics from this colorful vibrant country. I was invited to Mercedes Benz Madrid Fashion Week to explore the local fashion scene and discover what else this elegant cultural city has to offer, as you will witness I was pleasantly surprised.  The classic idea we have about the Spanish style was translated to the runway shows and to the crowd attending this Fashion Week, it was clear that in Madrid the fashion scene is leaning towards a more classic, elegant mature look and feel, to my surprise there were hardly any Vetements/Balenciaga inspired shows, the styles on the runway are much more feminine, wearable slightly more conservative and less trendy and I must say this kind of approach to fashion is a lot more appealing to me. The creativity of the designers really shined through on the runway, not just with the clothes but with the set design which went through a complete transformation from show to show matching perfectly each designer esthetic and mood. The models at Mercedes Benz Madrid Fashion Week were one of the highlights, having recognizable faces on the runway really made a big difference to the clothes, acknowledging the importance of professional established models was a great step for Mercedes Benz Madrid Fashion Week and is a great example for anyone who is trying to make an impact in the global fashion industry. Speaking of top models even the legendary Carmen Kass was brought in from her “fashion pension” to be part of the cast.  Every show that was presented during Mercedes Benz Madrid Fashion Week was done in the highest level, although some designers played it safe or had a more commercial approach there were those who stood out and will be talked about way after this fashion week will be done.

One of the most anticipated shows of the week was of Palomo Spain, the young Spanish designer that caught a lot of attention with his androgynous esthetic even captured the heart of Beyonce who chose to wear his dress in the official photo presenting her new twins. The 26 year old Alejandro Gómez Palomo has a theatrical way of doing things, his show was like stepping into a film set so no wonder Pedro Almodovar was sitting in the front row. The anticipated show took place in a natural history museum of Madrid, surrounded by animals and old globes this made the experience of the show so much more unforgettable. The characters/models were so perfectly chosen, everything about this show completely transformed you to another world, a universe beyond fashion you just didn’t want to leave.

Maria Escote was another favorite, her show was pure magic, with a bold and colorful pop theme, 80’s and cartoon inspired collection Maria was sending a message to her audience “strong, powerful women who are not afraid to take chances and not afraid of being themselves event if it seems wild to others”

Juna Vidal Didn’t become a designer by chance, fashion is in his DNA, he is a Fourth generation of tailors which is why his cuts are so meticulous. Mixing lingerie, silk and feathers with heart shaped accessories this collection couldn’t be more feminine, it was a sophisticated sensual collecti on with a twist of tailoring, in fact if I could imagine the perfect wardrobe this would be it.

Jcpajares Inspired by the amazons this collection is a tribute to all the women who hid behind pseudonyms, had to quit their jobs or sacrifice their passion. The collection is colorful with hints of sequins and metallics presented with models wearing a black base even covering their face, the combination that created a mystery and contradiction and the bold accessories and layering added a cool, sporty and modern vibe to the collection.

Another unforgettable moment of Mercedes Benz Madrid Fashion Week was the unusual location of Maria Ke Fisherman’s show, the guests were taken by shuttle to a construction site deep underground, to out surprise the runway was a long industrial truck, this moment couldn’t be more “underground”. With the elements of neon colors, knitted patches and oversized androgynous cuts made Maria Ke Fisherman one of the only “Street Style” brands this week that has captured the spirit of today’s trend.

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