ELLA Clinic

Where am I: Elma Hotel, Zichron Y’aakov with Ella Clinic
What I am wearing: Red dress, polka dot top, net shoes, straw bag all at Helga Design  hat by Ruslan Baginsky
Photos by: Instyle Studio

The most common mistake we women make is starting to tackle our skin problems when they are already highly visible instead of preventing them. Who didn’t experience finding a sudden new wrinkle or a pigment flaw here and there. We tend to think that going to a regular cosmetic treatment is something we will do “one day when we need it” and this attitude has got to change if we want to look good and fresh in years to come or even in the near future.

I spent two magical days at Elma Hotel with the master of skin care and esthetic medicine Dr. Eyal Shapira and his team who presented a very unique and highly innovating technique of recognizing the signs of aging on your skin. With a special scan that enables you to define the inner problem of your skin and
define and solve problems such as age-related exhaustion, uneven structure of the skin and subcutaneous tissues, oval of the face, falling of the skin in cheeks and cheekbones, and age changes in the neck and asymmetry.

This technologically advanced scan helps the doctors and experts at Ella Clinic to find the best treatment for your skin problems and tackle them accordingly with their 4D method and I was there to discover what its all about!


4D. The process of aging begins with the second ten years of life. As a rule, changes begin in skin cells (epidermis) and be expressed by the formation of pigmentation and not even skin color.
3D. Then changes occur in the subcutaneous cover (dermis), in which the body consumes more elastin and collagen fibers than it produces. This is expressed by the deterioration of quality and flabbiness of the skin.
2D. Next in line, muscle tissue. With age, the muscles degrade, and we notice loss of volume and sagging of the facial skin.
1D. And ultimately, bone tissue, which with age loses its volume and changes shape. Pay attention that people with age become lower, this is the result of loss of calcium. The same happens with the skull.
Method 4D begins work on “erasing the age” from the very foundations, that is, with the return of the original dense bone structure of the face. Then there is a buildup of muscle tissue.

The 4D-rejuvenation underlies a variety of procedures. By solving many problems for the minimum number of steps, the method is suitable for those whose budget is limited. Coping with small wrinkles and small skin irregularities today seems as easy as making a new haircut or manicure, don’t deny yourself from looking like the best version of yourself no matter your age!


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